Eaux de parfum singulières

Theria Parfum Singuliere Narcissus & Cardamom

A radiant powdery floral trail. In the heart of a savannah arid, the pure radiance of powdery Narcissus that blends with the freshness vibrant Cardamom on an irresistible woody background, to illustrate the extreme refinement of the Zebra. Unique creation developed in the tradition of French Haute Parfumerie, based on noble and distant essences.
  • 100ml
  • 50ml

    Top note: Bergamot
    Heart note: Narcissus, Iris & Cardamom
    Base note: Cedar

    Eau de Parfum 100%* Vegan - Range designed in Grasse - 86% Natural Materials

    *100% of our products are registered vegan by the Vegan Society association


    The refinement of Zebra
    In the heart of the savannah, the still scorching sun sets, leaving behind an ocher earth. The Zebra with a delicate step embraces its freedom with panache and determination. Its coat with contrasting lines and its deep look gives it mystery and majesty. To illustrate it, the pure radiance of powdery Narcissus and the vibrant freshness of cardamom on an irresistible woody base. THERIA, The Zebra: Extreme Refinement.



    Absolute of Narcissus
    Narcissus, this immaculate white flower with a slender silhouette, an essential for chypre and floral perfumes. After extracting narcissus flowers with volatile solvents and washing with alcohol, we obtain narcissus absolute. Narcissus absolute generates an incomparable singularity for green and floral notes.


    Cardamom Essence
    Spicy Oriental scents for captivating and powerful fragrances. Between the power and the delicacy of its fragrance, cardamom continues to fascinate perfumers. Originally from Sri Lanka and southern India, cardamom is a tropical plant, of which only the berries are used to make the essential oil for frank and delicate notes.
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